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Great Health Evangelist & Healthcare Business Visionary
Co-Founder & President, WOW Health Group
Co-Founder, Spirit of Women Hospital Network

Tanya Abreu is co-founder and President of WOW Health Group forging new models in physician success and healthcare consumer championship. Prior to WOW, she served for 15+ years as the co-founder and Chief Vision Officer for Spirit Health Group, the nation’s only think tank comprised exclusively of hospitals and clinical providers focused on accelerated business performance and innovation in women’s health. As a much sought-after speaker, author and advisor with 25 years of experience in healthcare strategic planning and creative community health innovation, Tanya has delivered more than 500 keynote speeches and workshops and has been featured in the press in the United States and internationally. She was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and currently lives in Boca Raton Florida with her daughter Jazzy and a menagerie of pets.

Hospital Industry and Healthcare Professionals Expert

Are you an administrator of a hospital or healthcare institution looking for a proven way to grow community support and increase revenue while diversifying your patient base.

Learn about Tanya Abreu’s company Spirit Health Network that has helped hundreds of American hospitals succeed by marketing whole health to women across all service lines.

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Consumer Marketing and Healthcare Delivery Expert

Are you a private practice physician or independent health & wellness practitioner burdened by current healthcare market conditions?

Do you want help in revitalizing your practice for your own personal satisfaction and better health for your patients?

To learn more about the WOW Health Network and resources to put joy back into your practice of medicine.

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Health Evangelist, Author, and Motivational Speaker

Do you want to hire a speaker that will be unforgettable, leaving your audience with new hope, purpose, and enthusiasm? Whether you are a professional organization, a corporation, a community movement, or club, Tanya Abreu will deliver a powerful experience custom crafted to your event.

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